Garlic Planting Time

Garlic planting

It is time to get the garlic in the ground. We are trying to get all our 1/4 acre planted over this Easter break, which means lots of long days.

Sorry for the poor photo (taken on a phone with dirty hands!) The chickens seem to have stopped pulling the garlic out of the holes after the first day (although it did take them a whole day to realise and remember that they really dont like to eat garlic!)

It is a very labour intensive process, but strangly meditative once you get into a rythmn of popping the garlic in a hole (though I did spend a lot of that thinking time wondering where I could find a source of serf style labour. Started seeing myself a as worthy ruler of a small kingdom and able to provide others an opportunity to connect with nature)

On a more serious note, we are hoping this second year of garlic will be a more successful one and is looking to be so already. Soil more friable as it has been worked more and had organic matter added, and we have added lime to raise the pH of our very acidic soils. And hopefully no massive summer rains this year. Just medium ones. Not drought, not flood, just somewhere in between…not too much to ask for is it? (otherwise will just have to use my serfs to either irrigate or bail water!)

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